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Muttawa group Started in the 1950s in the Distribution business, Over the years, the Group has grown rapidly, gradually expanding and diversifying its activities, and subsequently transforming its core business.
Today, Muttawa group has evolved to become the premier distributor for leading brands (Toyota, BMW, VW, Audi, Seat, Kulkuni, Samsung), the group now has more than 400 employees and 100 million USD turnover per year


About Us

Aldiaa Alamaa Oil & Gas Services Company (AAOGSC) is a subsidiary of Muttawa Group. Based in Tripoli, Libya. The company is a leading private Oil & Gas services company. It is specialized in sourcing and supply of top-grade Industrial materials to major Oil & Gas companies in Libya.

(AAOGSC) has Already supplied materials of the following Top Brands & more to Oil Companies


Ford Distributorship – Distribution & After sales.


Flour Mill and Pasta Factory Manufacture Nationalized in 1973


Chrysler, Daf Trucks& Simca Cars Distributorship – Distribution & After sales


Al Arabia Heavy Machinery & GoodyearTyre Importer-Distribution & After sales


Pinnacle Electronics London – Distribution


Property Development, Hotel Ownership and Management Services


Wholesaling, Trading office, Saadoon Carpet Factory Trading & Manufacturing


Kulkoni Import + Export + GMBH, LMC (Germany and Libya) VW, Audi and Seat Importer –
Distribution & After sales


OMT Waha Co. (Germany, Libya, Switzerland ), BMW Importer – Distribution & After-sales


Sarab Company Toyota official dealer (3S) Tripoli


Tawasul Libya appointed official Distributor for Samsung


Aldiaa Alamaa Oil & Gas Services Company (AAOGSC)

70 years of Muttawa group

Our Vision

To be a world-class energy service company and our client’s trusted partner.
To see (AAOGSC) as one of the leading quality Supplier & service providers for the oil, gas & power sectors


AAOGSC is a company with vast experience in the oil and gas industry, infrastructure, FMCG and power sectors having operations in Libya
Our goal is to deliver a timely, cost-effective, innovative and sustainable solutions to the satisfaction of our client’s requirements. To achieve this, AAOGSC has partnered with best-in-class service delivery companies and OEMs which have positioned AAOGSC as the company of choice to our clients.
We are committed to the Libyan Local Content Act and aim to develop and build Libyan capacities and capabilities with a robust personnel training program.

Our Competencies

Ability to deliver any materials, equipment & services required by Oil & Gas companies through Global Brands or local Market.
Effective execution of plans towards achieving Goals.

Our Mission

To be Libya’s most preferred Supplier & service provider for Oil and gas companies by providing a wide range of supplies, as well as implementing Sophisticated projects for our clients

Our Values

In conducting our business, (AAOGSC) is inspired by and committed
to upholding the principles of integrity, respect, loyalty,
efficiency, and transparency.

We treat people with respect, fairness, honesty, patience, understanding,
and trust
We are financially responsible corporate citizens and are committed
to the health, the safety of people and the environment
ensuring high quality in all aspects of our operations.
We practice high ethical and professional standards.

Teamwork is what we insist at and are committed to achieving
common goals through it. We collaborate, listen and share
information within the Organization.

Our Goals

To be one of the most reliable

efficient & professional providers of premium quality products and services, to Oil, Gas and energy sectors; and, To maintain an elite of well trained, established and motivated engineers within a relaxed yet professional environment.

To identify new business opportunities

To identify new business opportunities and develop existing business sectors in Libya.

To expand our activities across Libya

embarking on a successful regional strategy to secure business in the area and create new and lasting relationships.


To Make AAOGSC first choice of contact

To Make AAOGSC first choice of contact for Oil and Gas companies requisitions.

Our Scope of Supplies

Piping Materials

Electric Materials & Control Systems Equipment

Lubricants for Industrial Machinery & Heavy Duty Vehicles etc…

Firefighting and Safety Materials & Equipment

Structural Steel

Mechanical Spare Parts for Pumps, Compressors & Turbines etc…

Special Tools and Equipment for Oil Companies Workshops

Our Clients 

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Al Saraj Road 2Km, Tripoli-Libya

+ (218) 912134793

+ (218) 21 729 1670

+ (218) 914555631


Al Saraj Road 2 Km


+ (218) 21 729 1670
+ (218)  912134793
+ (218)  914555631

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Saturday – Thursday : 9am – 5pm



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